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As an activity which has become popoular in recent years, parasailing brings great thrills without risk.

1. What to wear

Coming in your swimwear or at least clothing you don’t mind getting wet is a must for this kind of parachuting. You won’t end up in the water but it’s not far away.

2.The certificate the pilot must hold

There’s no certificate needed to control the parachute, but you must listen to the instructions of the team who will look after you. The person looking after those taking part holds a State Certification issued by the Department of Youth and Sport (Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports).

3. Do I need to know how to swim?

Parasailing takes place in the air. You therefore do not need to know how to swim since you’ll be above the water and not in the water. If you have any concerns, just know you are harnessed and that a capable team is looking after you. There is therefore nothing to worry about, water-wise.

4. Can I parasail while pregnant?

Parasailing is not recommended for pregnant women, as may be the case for all relatively physical or thrill-provoking activities.

5. Could I get vertigo?

The fact that you’ll be in the air, and not in contact with the ground, will give you a different sensation of height compared to when you are on the ground. Consequently, one does not feel vertigo when in the air with the parachute.

6. Do you get wet when you parasail ?

In theory, you can take part in this sport while staying completely dry by taking off from a base on the motorboat. In practice, you nonetheless have every chance of getting wet, whether it’s due to the manoeuvres you try or a bit of playful trickery from the team looking after you.

7. To what age groups is parasailing open ?

This activity is accessible for ages five and up; there is no upper age limit. Parasailing does not require any particular physical or sport-playing abilities. It is in fact rather easy to let yourself be carried up by the force of the air. Older people can therefore take part in this activity if they feel comfortable doing so.

8. Is it dangerous?

There is no danger in parasailing. The material equipment used is regularly checked. There is therefore no risk of failure in that regard. The activity in itself presents no other danger but offers great thrills due to the height and speed.

9. Can I use my phone during the flight?

Given the magnificent spectacle of the sea seen from above, the thrills brought on by the speed, and because you could drop your phone to the bottom of the sea, using a phone is naturally prohibited. It will remain dry with the rest of your belongings under our watch.

10. Do I need any particular abilities?

There is no need for special abilities to take part in this activity. As a result, anyone can try the thrills of parasailing.

Now that your questions have been answered, all that’s left is to enjoy yourself. Are you tempted? In that case, head to the specialists of parasailing in Nice: Nikaia Glisse©, you won’t be disappointed.

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