An abstract painting to give your living room that chic, trendy appearance

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When it comes to creating a warm atmosphere and adding character to a room, there’s nothing like adding the right decorative touch, or more specifically, the right piece of artwork. In order to go about this in the right way, I decided to take a close look in particular at the latest thing in art: abstract paintings. These kinds of pictures are very effective at adding a contemporary designer effect to various types of rooms, especially the living room.

Choose a picture of the right size and colour to match your living room

Pictures and paintings come in all different sizes. When going about choosing your own, I advise you to carefully consider a number of different aspects of your house interior, such as the general decorative style, the size of your walls, and the specific design of the room concerned.


Match your picture to your interior decoration

For example, if the space is relatively narrow or the walls divided into sections, go for a modern abstract painting of small dimensions so it doesn’t take up too much space. Basically, if the picture is too large in size, it will make the room look smaller.

However, if you happen to have adjoining rooms that open onto each other – such as a combined kitchen and dining room for example – you can go for a picture of larger dimensions, as long as the rooms in question are not separated by a partition.

What kind of abstract painting should you choose?

As far as the choice of motif and colour is concerned, I recommend choosing in accordance with your own personal tastes and decorative style. For walls painted in neutral colours, such as white, beige or off-white, go for a colourful, modern picture to relieve the otherwise plain overall appearance of the decoration.

In cases where the opposite is true and your decoration is already quite colourful and rich, it is important to stick with neutral colours as far as the tones used in your picture are concerned: choosing a colourful painting will not enhance your room in these circumstances, and the potential of your chosen picture will be largely wasted.

Choosing a piece of abstract art is not a decision to be taken lightly. Opt for designs and textures that evoke an emotional response in you, which speak to you. Avoid choosing a picture at random and instead go for an item you find pleasing and that will add a unique personal touch to your house interior.
There are several ways you can begin searching for your ideal picture. Large decorating and interior design retailers are one place to start. Alternatively, you can search the websites of specialist dealers, who can offer the guarantee of a convenient delivery service and a high quality product.

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