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In this holiday period, setting off in the direction of beaches seems to be one of the best solutions for destressing and recovering your energy for the rest of the year. When we think of the beach, we think of the sun and, of course, the swimsuit. Gone is the time when fashion had little or no influence on this way of summer dressing. These days, as well as the functional features of the swimsuit, there is also a separate market offering a whole range of styles suitable for all women and adapted to all tastes and needs. These are the Brazilian swimsuits, all the rage on every beach!


Beautiful blue bikini

They have the power to show off the figure of the wearer, with a glamorous, sexy and cut-away look. There are several styles available, in solids or multi-coloured, and some with prints, stripes or polkadots. There are also lace and crocheted styles, as well as stretch-fabric swimsuits. It all depends on what you want and your mood. Whatever the case, the Brazilian swimsuits will demonstrate how laid-back you are, as well as your desire for escape and a well-targeted tan.

Swimsuits in unique and original colours

Making a difference, stating your originality and appearing unique are the irrepressible needs of everyone content to be themselves on the beach. And with this selection of beachwear, you’ll feel sexier than ever. Today, more and more women prefer beachwear in original colours, hence the ethnic trend. Of course, the well-recognised style with its flowers of every kind is still with us, but other motifs around are increasingly original. For example, there are styles with several colours, with stripes and with leopard motifs. The styles most worn are generally in black, red, orange or blue. For sometime, the designers have been launching beachwear in bright colours, such as fuchsia, yellow, fluorescent green and candy pink. Every woman can choose the colour that bests suits her. These colours are available in all the styles, from stretch-fabric swimsuits to retro and cutaway styles. In some styles, particularly one-pieces, it’s possible to have animal print or multicoloured motifs, representing ethnic scenes for example. In this regard, designers the world over have not skimped on their imagination and inventiveness for producing images that are always surprising and packed with originality.

3 examples of fashion swimwear

For a bronzing session on the beach, it’s essential to choose your swimsuit carefully! To show off your figure, choose a suit that makes the most of all your assets. To show off the splendour of your lovely feminine curves, you have a choice of bottoms: briefs, shorts and, of course, the string! Whether you go for a topless look or for a two-piece, here are some great reasons for choosing these types of bikini bottoms to shine on the beach!


A bronzing session in a pretty bikini, out on the sea in a boat

Some people put swimsuits in the fashion accessories category, like handbags, sunglasses and shoes, as the choice of these items is always a result of falling in love! In practice, the design of these accessories allows them to lend style and personality, making them irresistible as a result. As with every year, fashion dictates the colour. The simplicity of solid colours has its place in the race. Brightness, two-colours or prints: a whole range of choice in swimsuit bottoms styles! To have the best beach outfit, try mixing and matching the styles of your swimsuit tops and bottoms.

Briefs swimsuit: timeless

The briefs swimsuit also plays a part in the list of timeless swimsuit bottoms! Simple, comfortable and stylish, this type of bottoms is always glamorous. Always classed in the fashionable category of bikini bottoms, there are numerous designs in this swimsuit bottoms range. High-waist bottoms evoke glamour, charm and innocence. And for more coverup, frilled bottoms are always in vogue. They impose their sexy side with the little waist skirt. The low-waist is also very popular for these types of swimsuit bottoms. They show off a woman’s curves without a hint of vulgarity.

The shorts swimsuit: ultra trendy

The shorts swimsuit also turns up among the beachwear trends to adopt! Most popular with the sporty, this type of swimsuit bottom is very comfortable and gives more ease of movement. With shorts, you maximise your rear’s potential, as this type of swimsuit bottom outlines and shapes the curves of your silhouette. Among sporty bottom halves, there are various models, especially in low-cut and high-cut styles, that marry femininity with seduction. With shorts, you can release the sports woman within! If you wish to pair your shorts to a top, they go perfectly with an underwired balcony top.

The G-string: hyper sexy and feminine

When you wear a G-string, you can show off a beautifully rounded rear, more suntan and, above all, an ultra sexy side. With these minimalist and sexy bottoms, you’ll make everyone on the beach envy your heavenly tan! In the most recent fashion creations, minimalist swimsuits are a hit at every turn. Their out-of-the-ordinary design adds a spicy touch to the beach ensemble. Designers are creating sophisticated shapes and styles, and the public loves their work. Speaking of beachwear, the G-string can be worn with every type of top. If you want an ultra sexy look, then go for a minimalist style, from head to toe! Topless, triangle, push-up or bandeau bikini, there’s an embarrassment of choice for your swimsuit tops. With a push-up or bandeau, your bust will be elegantly enhanced.

You can mix the looks with your own combinations of tops and bottoms! In this way, a whole variety of bikini styles is on offer to you. If you opt for a two-piece suit, note that this has unanimous approval among the men. So, which beach look are you going to fall for? How are you going to mix your bikini tops and bottoms? To share your summer beach look, post a comment with your opinion on the various swimsuit bottoms!
Don’t forget that it’s important to take safety precautions when you decide to go out on the sea in a boat. Also, when you bathe, make sure you check the status and quality of the bathing water.

Swimsuits that show off every woman’s curves

In summer, the unquestionable star of the beach is the Brazilian bikini. One of the attributes of this swimsuit is that it shows off a woman’s figure to advantage. The Brazilian swimsuit styles are made to suit every woman’s body shape. From the tankini and trikini to the fringed, crocheted and lacy models, the mission is simple: enhance the figure of she who wears it and make her a goddess.
Among the suits with styles fresh from Brazil, we could mention the famous fringed swimsuit. This type of style immediately enhances a woman’s shape and glamorous side. There is one both for the top of the suit and for the bottoms. On the sexy side, there is also what is known as the scrunch bikini. In brief, this is the lower part of a bikini that has ruched stitching at its centre back. This is the current trend, the special shape of the bikini enabling the curves of the wearer’s bottom to be shown off for a most bewitching effect!

star-ete-maillot de bain

The bikini enhances the curves of your bottom


For women who wish to emphasise their bust, it is best to choose bikini tops with a push-up effect. The latest styles are tied behind the neck, which helps to support and enhance the breasts. Other styles specifically aimed at bust emphasis are triangle-shaped swimming costumes or even frilled bandeau bikinis, which increase the appearance of volume. Keep in mind that in order to achieve an optical effect with volume, you need to play with the colours as well. So if your aim is to create the illusion of a fuller figure, you should choose styles with bright and vibrant colours. On the other hand, if your aim is to hide your stomach, you should prioritise high-waisted bikini bottoms to help retain shape, and choose styles with darker colours. For full effect, it’s best to combine those bottoms with a top piece that has top straps, but with a printed style to help hide volume. You will have to mismatch your swimming costume.

The bikini is undoubtedly the definitive symbol of femininity. Whether you decide to choose striped patterns to accentuate your lower body or printed styles to show off your figure, a Brazilian bikini will help you feel at ease, whilst simultaneously making heads turn with your beautiful silhouette. Nowadays there is no question of embarrassment or shame in presenting your femininity. On the contrary, displaying your appearance with pride is often synonymous with independence, but also of elegance and sensuality. The selection of Brazilian bikinis is growing larger and larger in order to satisfy a growing number of women. The entire Brazilian culture can be represented in each of these styles. Every woman wearing one, therefore, shows the inspiration of the unparalleled Brazilian sun, and its associations with the heat of the samba. A real representation of your femininity and charm, these Brazilian swimming costumes will be your greatest allies for an enjoyable stay at the beach, tanning on the shores of a turquoise sea. And why not adopt the complete Brazilian look and replace your beach towel with the traditional canga! Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with a good sunscreen.

So, which Brazilian swimming costume have you chosen?

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