Is it possible to conciliate decoration and ecology?

Do you want to redecorate but are running short of ideas? Why not think about eco-friendly design? Furniture made from ecologically friendly wood, sisal flooring, gas chimneys… There are so many ways to achieve an aesthetically pleasing yet environmentally friendly interior! Evermore on trend, ecological products are coming to the forefront in many homes.

100% cozy atmosphere

A chimney brings a cozy atmosphere to your home, especially on a cold winter’s evening, making your family nights in a lot warmer! Furthermore, naturally generated heat causes less pollution than standard heating. There are 100% ecological chimneys available now: they are a renewable energy source and do not produce any pollutants.

Furniture making that respects the environment

Personalize your interior with custom made wooden furniture! But be careful, wooden furniture is not necessary all ecological. There are certain criteria that have to be met: the materials used must be from a natural source and the manufacturing conditions must also respect the environment.  Certain woodworkers ensure that when they make wooden furniture, it meets this criteria.

Wood will bring a sense of 'zen' to your interior.

Wood will bring a sense of ‘zen’ to your interior.

Ecological products

Underlay your carpet with sisal! As well as looking good, they have several other environmentally beneficial qualities that can easily be fitted in all rooms of the house. You can also purchase other objects made from natural materials, such as bamboo, which will also give a great effect! Be wise: think about recycling your furniture as this will avoid unnecessary waste. Be creative and have fun! The only limit is your imagination!