Cross-cultural advertising and its effect on society

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The Advertising Industry is one of the most important sectors in the world. It represents a large number of companies, and it has a great impact on society. The Advertising Industry is not only an Economic Sector but also a social sector. Advertising is the key to success for any company. It allows them to attract customers and to sell their product. As we all know, advertising is a very important part of our daily life. We are surrounded by advertisements Everywhere we go, where it be in the form of billboards or in magazines, Newspapers and Even on Television. Advertising is an essential part of our society and its influence can be in mary areas such as politics, religion, education, health, etc …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of transcultural advertising?

Transcultural advertising is a form of communication that attracts target customers at the international level, often made up of consumers from emerging countries. This consists in making known a product, a service or a brand on several markets at the same time.

Transcultural advertising uses various techniques such as television and radio production, outdoor display or direct marketing. This practice allows companies to have access to a market made up of consumers from different countries, which can be very advantageous for companies whose offer is aimed at international customers.

You should know that transcultual advertising represents a significant cost for companies, because it is necessary to carry out advertising spots adapted to each geographic area concerned by the project.

The main drawbacks linked to transcultural advertising are as follows: it requires a lot of time and financial resources. It can be discouraging if you work alone on your project.

When you use the services of an agency specializing in the creation and management of transcultural advertising campaigns, it is possible that it may be more expensive than a traditional global plan; It obviously depends on the type of campaign chosen and the objectives set for your campaign.


Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Business Team In Modern Multi-Cultural Office

Multi cultural group for cross-cultural advertising

How can transcultural advertisement influence consumer behavior?

It is important to understand how advertising can influence consumer behavior. For this, you have to take into account the cultural context in which you evolve. According to your country and according to the consumption habits that are clean, it will be necessary to take into account the influence that religion, politics or even traditions can have on your purchasing decisions. Indeed, the same product will not be automatically purchased by all individuals according to their geographic location.

There are also differences between men and women in terms of purchase, as they tend to favor certain types of products rather than others.

The main reasons that push an individual to buy this or that type of product are diverse:

Personal patterns: to please someone, to treat their appearance … Social reasons: in order to respect a tradition (for example during marriage) or because a person was educated around the concept (for example within of a Catholic family).

Psychological motifs: it is then an emotional need that pushes the individual to acquire a particular good (the first car of the young man for example).

Rational reasons: These are often financial criteria, such as when you plan to put your home for sale and you do not know if it is large enough to accommodate your whole family.


Can transcultural advertising help promote fair social standards?

Advertising is an effective way to promote fair social standards. However, advertising can also be dangerous when it seeks to impose social values ​​or models which are deeply contrary to cultural social values ​​and standards. Some advertising campaigns may have the effect of imposing a distorted and biased world vision on women, ethnic minorities or people with disabilities. These campaigns can also encourage discrimination between social groups and encourage racism.

Advertising should not be used as a weapon to promote extreme political or religious ideals. For example, certain advertising campaigns specifically targeting far -right political groups have had the effect of creating a negative image of immigrants in Europe, which has led to a general tightening of immigration policies on the European continent. Although some European countries have a better tolerance for public expression of divergent points of view in their population, there is still a great diversity in the way members of various social groups approach the question of respect for community social norms.


What is the responsibility of companies in terms of transcultural advertising?

As part of the boom in social media, more and more companies are adopting a transnational approach in advertising. However, they must comply with consumer protection regulations and personal data.

Social responsibility for companies (CSR) is an important subject, especially for brands that want to position themselves in the international market.

There are numerous advertising regulations and differ from country to country. In general, there are three laws: the law relating to consumer protection (BundesverbrauchergeSetz), that relating to personal data (E-Privacy Act) and that relating to copyright (Copyright Act). These three laws protect consumers against any form of deceptive or illicit advertising.

Consumer protection regulations relate to unfair business practices, such as sponsorship or promotional offers encouraging the customer to buy a product without being informed correctly or that he cannot easily access it by a Simple Google search.

You should know that if you publish an ad intended for an audience located outside your natural geographic area, you will have to show great caution concerning your content so that it is not deemed to be misleading or illegal by a local user . A prior authorization is required to publish announcements in continental Europe and certain countries can prohibit certain foreign languages ​​on their local websites.


How can brands use cross-cultural advertising to reach consumers around the world?

Advertising is an effective way to reach consumers around the world and it has an impact on cultural diversity.

Trans-cultural advertising can be used by all brands, regardless of their positioning and target market. To succeed in a trans-cultural advertising campaign, you have to choose concepts that are understandable by consumers of different cultures. If your customers come from different countries and have various lifestyles, the best way to attract consumer attention is to use advertising in several languages. A bilingual campaign can be very effective in reaching your international target. This solution also provides consumers with a clear message on what you sell. Indeed, if your target does not have enough confidence in your product or in your brand, it may not buy what you advertise.

Multicultural marketing also gives rise to the creation of content adaptable to various targeted markets. Practical examples? Let us take the example of a brand specializing in tights who wants to communicate to Chinese women: her advertising can highlight a Chinese actress known to wear tights and show how they feel good after carrying the tights on a TV or TV tray or On stage in front of a large audienc.


How can transcultural advertising help improve the image of brands worldwide?

Transcultural advertising can help brands develop on a global market.

It is a form of marketing that allows companies to communicate effectively with their customers in a multitude of languages, cultures and countries.

Transcultural advertising is sometimes called “global branding” or “brand marketing”. It consists in adapting the communication of a company so that it is understood by all cultural groups around the world. By adapting your marketing message according to the different cultural groups, you can more easily reach your target and create stronger relationships with it.

Transcultural advertising is a powerful tool to promote the image of an international brand, especially if it wishes to extend its market beyond national borders. To succeed in this type of campaign, you must follow some tips: when you choose a communication strategy, take into account the cultural diversity of the targeted group among your potential consumers in order to be able to adapt your message accordingly.

The Effect of Advertising On Society is a subject that has been extendedly studied. In this paper, the author Suggests that the most important aspect of advertising is not its impact on individual behavior but its role in Changing Social Attitudes and Values.


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