What to do on holiday in Villefranche sur mer?

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One might think that holidays by the sea are all spent in the same way and yet they are not. Each destination has its own identity and even if the activities are sometimes similar, the environment is very important. Villefranche sur mer is one of those seaside resorts that make you dream and that are sure to make an impression on people’s minds.

villefranche sur mer

Enjoy your holidays in Villefranche-Sur-Mer.

Rent a beautiful house for your holidays in Villefranche sur mer

It’s holiday time, so why not take advantage of it and live it like a star by offering you an unforgettable stay in a prestigious property. We are not talking about a classic holiday home with only the basic amenities, but a luxury villa that meets all the conditions to ensure your comfort and safety.

It is highly recommended to go through a luxury real estate agency such as Haussmann-Real-Estate to rent your villa in Villefranche sur mer. In this way, you will have access to a selection of properties exclusively in accordance with the true definition of prestige. This includes the architectural style, the location and all the facilities at your disposal.

The characteristics of the properties located in Villefranche-sur-Mer rival each other in attractiveness. For example, you can rent a modern villa with direct access to the beach and/or a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

Depending on the property selected, it is possible to stay in a group without sacrificing privacy as independent flats are sometimes available. Outdoor areas usually include a swimming pool and a garden, allowing you to enjoy idyllic weekends throughout your stay.

Included services are advantageous as in most cases cleaning and gardener’s services are included in the rates. An alarm system and/or a security service are also an integral part of the services associated with luxury homes.

As far as equipment is concerned, you are guaranteed to be able to use a fully functional kitchen. Relaxation areas such as sports halls, jacuzzi and hammam may be available, depending on the property concerned.

With a wide range of facilities on offer, the expert advice of a specialist agent will save you precious time and guarantee you an exceptional holiday in the luxury villa that suits you.


Villefranche sur mer, the pearl of the French Riviera

Populated by 5,200 inhabitants, the Côte d’Azur town enjoys exceptional sunshine all year round. Its abundant vegetation continually plunges it into a ballet of intoxicating scents that are as pleasing as the particularly invigorating sea air.

In Villefranche sur mer, the Mediterranean Sea takes on turquoise shades. Its crystalline aspect is a real treat for the eyes and makes you want to embark on an infinite number of activities on the theme of water.

Having regularly welcomed artists such as Jean Cocteau and Aldous Huxley, the town also bears a very marked artistic imprint which multiplies the visual pleasures tenfold.

But before discovering the city’s secrets, you will be first and foremost captivated by its location in the heart of one of the deepest natural Mediterranean anchorages. One thing is certain, your holiday in Villefranche sur Mer will be firmly anchored in your memory.


Discover the old town

As you wander through the old village, you will come across the narrow streets that link the seaside to the heights of Villefranche. This gentle stroll will take you as close as possible to the old houses, shimmering with intense colours. You will need comfortable shoes, as the old town is best discovered on foot due to the narrowness of its streets and the large number of stairs leading to picturesque treasures.

Moreover, a wide choice of exclusively pedestrian crossings awaits you. Everything is magnificent, but if you don’t have much time for this exploration, certain sites will be given priority. Take the alleys that will lead you to the Citadel Saint-Elme or the church of Saint-Michel. You can also choose a route to the chapel Saint-Pierre des Pêcheurs and don’t miss the famous Rue Obscure which was built in 1260.


The beaches of Villefranche sur mer

The Marinières beach is the most important public beach in Villefranche. Stretching over approximately 700 metres, it is equipped with a first-aid post and an anti-medusa net is deployed in summer. Comfort is ensured by the presence of sanitary facilities and the abundance of establishments inviting you to eat with your feet in the water.

Are you sensitive to heat? Sunshades are available on this beach where gravel and sand coexist. Les Marinière beach, where you can also rent mattresses, is located in the east of the town. The paid car park offers more than 400 spaces. The only drawback is the railway line that overlooks the beach, causing nuisances from time to time.

The Guardian Angel beach is an extension of the Marinières beach, but it remains little-known. Covered with gravel, it stretches over 60 metres. Nearby, a cove is authorised for animals, perfect for enjoying the pleasures of a day at the beach with Médor.

To the west of the town you will find the port of La Darse and the beach of the same name. You don’t come here to build sand castles but to enjoy the pebbles while reveling in the breathtaking view of the harbour. The old ramparts offer protection against the wind. Note that several small beaches are accessible to you. The one at the harbour level, just behind the promenade des Professeurs, is undoubtedly the largest. If you head towards the ocean observatory, you will come across a smaller beach with larger pebbles.

The Grasseuil beach is not to be outdone. Located at the entrance of Cap Ferrat, it plunges you into an intimate atmosphere. This pebble beach is bordered by picturesque houses and a private harbour. The nearby pontoons provide a well-deserved rest and the water is perfect for swimming.

Don’t feel like staying on the beach? Then sign up for a sea walk to explore the Cap Ferrat. You will have the opportunity to spot secret coves, sometimes inaccessible from land.

You may be considering other activities besides swimming and sunbathing. You will therefore be delighted to learn that Villefranche-sur-mer offers many leisure activities. On the surface, you can enjoy a stand-up paddle or kayak ride. While diving in the depths, you will have the opportunity to admire a varied fauna, some of which have taken up residence in the Posidonia meadows. Snorkelling is also possible.

Thrill seekers will not be disappointed as Villefranche has windsurfing spots. Jet skiing, towed buoys and water-skiing add to the many possibilities.


Don’t miss the port of La Darse

The Darse beach is not the only attraction of the port, which was once a military arsenal. Its construction can be traced back to the 18th century, when Villefranche had to be protected from pirates, privateers and their atrocities.

The buildings listed as Historic Monuments include the rope factory, the hospital for the galley slaves and the old forge. The parapet walk is not to be missed, as are the old warehouses and their vaults.

The Darse is now operated as a marina.


Along the splendid bay of Villefranche

2.5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide, the harbour is located between Cap Ferrat and Nice. In its centre, it reaches a depth of 50 metres, while the sea reaches the vertiginous depth of 1,000 metres further south.

The Villefranche sur mer bay therefore deserves its place among the deepest in the Mediterranean. You will certainly appreciate the mild microclimate that prevails in this enclosed natural area. Don’t resist your desire for excursions, on land or at sea. The bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer has some pleasant surprises in store for you!


Getaways on the sea, strolls on the heights of the town and gentle idleness are within reach of holidaymakers choosing to stay in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Forget your constraints, leave routine aside and enjoy the gentle way of life that the French Riviera promises you. Your holiday home will bring a touch of luxury to sublimate your stay.

villefranche sur mer harbour

How about spending your holidays on the French Riviera?

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