The impact of COVID-19 on advertising and its future

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The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on advertising and its future. The Advertising Industry is in the Midst of A Crisis that Will Have Long-Term Consequences for the Industry. We are witnessing a shift in the way people consume media, which will affect how advertising is consumed and how it is delivered. We are also seeing a shift in the way advertisers spend their money, as well as changes in the way consumers interact with brands. We are Witnessing an Increase in Online Ad Blocking, which is affecting the Revenue of Publishers and Advertisers Alike.

What is the influence of COVVI-19 on advertising and its future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to focus on creating a safe work environment for their employees. This means that marketing teams had to redouble their efforts to guarantee effective and optimized advertising campaigns.

Marketing specialists have to face additional challenges, as they cannot use the same strategies and tools as before. In addition, attention is focused on maintaining the efficiency of the campaigns without using a large number of employees.

The pandemic not only had a direct impact on how brands communicate, but it also affected consumer behavior in the face of traditional brands.


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Online advertising !

Are advertisers more inclined to invest in online advertising or in printed version?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most of the companies to stop their activities for an indefinite period. This means that events and workshops have been canceled.

The government has set up a number of measures to limit the spread of the virus, including restrictions on international travel. In addition, consumers are uncertain about the future: what they can do now or in the future. Finally, the coronavirus can have an impact on advertising and advertising investment.

It is therefore important to understand how these events affect our expenses on marketing and advertising investment (MAP).

Advertisers are particularly concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on their Google Ads paid ad program (formerly Adwords) because they count on them to generate online sales and increase traffic to websites.

The drop in organic traffic and the reduction of advertising revenues require advertisers additional pressure to put their campaigns out of service without affecting the other departments of the company. At the same time, if you are the owner or manager of a website that generates significant traffic thanks to organic research, you will probably see a decrease in your click rate (CTR), because consumers will go to more reliable sources like Google or bing instead of using your usual search engine.


What are the changes observed in consumer behavior due to the pandemic?

The COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation in the world. The measures taken by governments and the establishment of restrictions on all continents have had a major impact on the daily life of consumers.

They have to face a drastic reduction in travel, which leads to a decrease in the time spent in stores and new habits to buy certain products. In addition, physical shops are closed, which forces consumers to buy online. This has also caused an exponential increase in Internet traffic, especially in the elderly. Thus, social media have been used a lot more and really integrated into advertising strategy.


Has digital marketing benefited from the pandemic of COVID-19?

Has digital marketing benefited from COVID-19 pandemic? The current health crisis is one of the most important that humanity has never known. However, this does not mean that it has had an impact on digital marketing. In reality, it makes it possible to consider the situation to come from a more optimistic angle.

Digital marketing cannot be ousted from the debate.

You should know that this type of marketing remains very important for companies and brands wishing to be known or increased their customer portfolio. In recent years, the digital sector has experienced exponential growth, in particular thanks to the development of technological means and the multiplication of supports used by consumers: computers, tablets, smartphones … The explosion of the mobile internet is a concrete example.

The term “digital marketing” covers all the techniques and strategies that allow companies to communicate via the Internet and all available channels (email, SMS/MMS, mobile applications.). Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a business without presence on the Internet. In such a situation, this activity must be integrated into your global strategy in order to increase your chances of commercial success and differentiate you in the middle of the competition.


Do you think advertising will help revive the economy after the COVID-19?

Advertising is used to promote a product, an idea or a service. It is part of marketing and communication. Moreover, advertising is very important to relaunch the economy after the COVID-19, because it allows all companies to increase their sales and reach their goal. In this context, we can therefore say that advertising will play a key role in order to relaunch the economy in France after this unexpected health crisis which struck our country a few months ago.


What kind of advertising should be implemented to help companies get through the crisis?

The covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the advertising industry worldwide. The Impact of the Virus is a real challenge, Especially in Terms of Consumer Behavior. New Measures have been implemeted by all companies to ensure the safety and health of their employed and consumers. With this new reality, advertising will be drastically changed.


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