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Veritable architects of living spaces, interior designers belong to that class of professionals that it’s difficult to do without. Creative designers, trend drivers and specialists in ambiance and atmosphere, their primary purpose is to fulfil the dreams and wishes of their clients.

A role of orchestra conductor

The process of designing or renovating a living space requires various different skills. Though the choosing of the colours and the layout may be the first things that come to mind, it’s easy to forget sometimes that carrying out a design and renovation project requires the involvement of multiple different trades. This is where the interior designer comes in. Their role is to act as a link between the client and the professional, thus helping the homeowner create a space that is as practical and functional as it is suited to their aesthetic tastes and preferences.

Renovating a flat or apartment is essentially an exercise in scenography. Calling in a specialist ensures nothing is forgotten or left out, because they will take every little detail into account. The process of matching and balancing floor coverings, for example, requires a strong sense for materials.

Every project is different, and the client’s requirements need to be properly defined if they are to be fully and completely met. You would not adopt the same approach with an empty, neutral space in a new property you’ve just bought as you would with the renovation of a flat or apartment that’s already been decorated and fitted out, for example.

The unique vision the interior designer brings to the process is really this ability to create an entire ambiance and atmosphere. Designing a space calls for detailed, precise knowledge of all the techniques involved. Only an experienced professional will be able to adopt a comprehensive, global approach, meticulously examining your home and able to envisage potential improvements, right through to the tiniest little details. Though the role of an interior designer is obviously creative in nature, they will also take into consideration what is and isn’t possible to do in terms of adapting to the architecture and its constraints.

From the ceilings to the floors, the interior decorator will bring their palette of colours to play in combining tones and shades, daring the audacious and playing with the interplay between what already exists and the introduction of new touches and features. You don’t need to change all your furniture in order to create something completely new.

The practice of home staging, when done properly, can sometimes produce very surprising results. The ability to blend various different styles, especially by combining together a varied range of furniture items you perhaps wouldn’t have imagined could be so charmingly effective, is an exercise in incredible inventiveness. This is where the advantage of having the support of experienced teams of professionals who will work with you at every stage of the project comes in.

It’s not just about decorating

Above and beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, interior designers can also bring their knowledge of spaces and how to get the best out of them to the process. As well as their ability to transform the ambiance of a space by choosing the right light fittings and carefully installing them in the right places, or by adding a colourful touch or a valuable ornament, piece of art, etc., they can also make your home functional for you. Interior designers are fully conversant with the most ingenious ways of arranging spaces, and you’ll discover just to what extent your own living space has untapped potential to offer.

Whatever the scope and size of your projects, the first stage will be to unveil them to your future project partner so they can get a strong sense and feel for what it is you’re looking for. It’s often after a visit to a place enshrouded in magic that you become aware of the mood and spirit you want to create. By listening carefully to your ideas, your interior designer will act as a kind of translator for your personality.

Because whether it’s a case of giving a single room a makeover or achieving a transformation of a more ambitious kind, it’s essentially about lending shape and form to your wishes and desires at this point.

Find out what specialities your interior designer offers, which trades and craftspeople they like to work with and what particular favourite styles they have. Though they won’t impose their own style on you, they will bring their own personal palette to the table, and this is also part of the charm of working together with them. Once you’ve got your objectives precisely defined, you’ll feel confident and reassured when it comes to receiving the precise, detailed specification.

Of course, the question of the budget is a fundamental one. It’s therefore important to be able to raise this aspect of the project yourself. With all this out of the way, you’ll then have the help and support of multi-skilled industry professionals to rely on. Specialising in interior design is not something that can be achieved overnight, and there’s nothing like experience when it comes to properly designing and organising a renovation project, no matter how modest in scale.

Properly communicating your needs and requirements and finding an attentive and receptive ear to listen to them will enable you to ensure the refurbishment of your home is carried out to an optimal standard. It’s no coincidence, for that matter, that hotels were the first to adopt the interior designer approach, the marvellous results of which are plain to see every time we stay in them.

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