The role of nostalgia in modern advertising

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Nostalgia is a powerful tool in advertising. It can be used to create a sense of Belonging and Nostalgia for the brand, or to promote new product and services that are similar to those from previous generations. In this article, i will discuss the role of nostalgia in modern advertising, as well as some examples of how it is used effectively.

What is the place of nostalgia in modern advertising?

Nostalgia is a phenomenon which consists in associating happy or sad memories, emotions and sensations in the context in which they were experienced. For example, if you were born in the 1960s, the advertisement you see on your TV is called Nostalgia. Its purpose is to make you relive the memories of your young years. Indeed, Nostalgia is associated with a bygone era. It is a marketing strategy that allows companies to stand out from competition, but not only … Nostalgia can be used by all companies in order to highlight certain offers and certain services.

Do you certainly know the expression “buy is voting”? This expression comes from the fact that there are several ways to classify different products depending on the impact that consumer can have on the market: – Political products (parties) – Cultural products (music) – Sports products (World Cup) – Food products (organic) – Electrome products (French brands) The purchase of a good or service will therefore influence public opinion on this or that subject and therefore allow Consumers to intervene directly in order to change things.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of nostalgia in advertising?

The use of nostalgia in advertising is a method that can be effective because it calls on our memories. It anchors a message in the mind of the consumer and make him more easily memorized.

Nostalgia also makes it possible to touch the hearts and minds of people who are affected by emotions.

It seems that it is a safe bet and that it can generate a rather interesting efficiency rate. However, there are drawbacks to the use of nostalgia in advertising.

The use of nostalgia can cause some confusion among consumers, as they may not easily recognize the product or service in question. In addition, when too used, this technique can tend to distort the real sense of the message.




How can nostalgia be used to arouse a feeling of belonging to the consumer?

Nostalgia is an emotion that can be exploited by brands to create a feeling of belonging to the consumer.

Consumer goods brands, among others, can use it to create emotional links with their customers. Indeed, nostalgia is often associated with childhood and happy memories that we have experienced. It is widely used in relational marketing because it allows companies to relive past experiences while attracting their target audience to them.

There are different forms of use of nostalgia: – The recall of the past: it is for a brand to refer to the past in order to inspire positive feelings in its target audience (example: Apple). – The expansion of the past: this concept consists in reviving happy memories associated with the past and sharing them together on the Internet or via various means (example: facebook). – The background of the past: happy memories are put back in context so that they can be compared to painful memories so that people can find meaning in their lives (example: Dove). Advantages Relationship marketing calls on the heart rather than a rational mind. It makes experience more personal and more human.

People feel valued because they can be part of a community in this type of marketing “Sentimenta”.


How can nostalgia be used to stimulate consumer’s commitment and loyalty?

Nostalgia is a feeling that refers to happy memories, associated with a past era.

Nostalgia can be used to stimulate consumer’s commitment and loyalty.

Consumers have been shown to be more likely to use a business or trade from which they have bought a product or service in the past, if it offers the same experience as before. For example, if you visit your usual store and find that it is not able to provide the product or service you are looking for, you may no longer call on its services afterwards .

Customers who have already had a positive experience with a company will be more likely to use the same type of services later.

They will also be inclined to recommend this business to their relatives and friends. Even if it may seem counter-intuitive, consumers want to feel positive emotions when they do business with a brand or a particular trade. Indeed, these positive feelings give confidence to customers and increase their commitment and their loyalty.


What are the psychological effects of nostalgia in advertising?

Nostalgia is a recurring feeling that brings us back to the past and which can have consequences on our behavior.

Nostalgia has an influence in advertising, because it makes it possible to create an emotional effect in the consumer, which can have a significant influence on their purchasing behavior. For example, television announcements that use nostalgia are more likely to be viewed. Likewise for Internet advertisements where we often find websites whose theme of childhood is.

You should know that nostalgia is a powerful and influencing factor that pushes the emotional reaction. It can be associated with different emotions: joy, sadness, anxiety … In general, this feeling produces three types of effects on the consumer: attachment: when you feel nostalgia in relation to an object or a specific person, your Spirit will get back in motion towards this object or this person. This may have a direct impact on your behavior vis-à-vis this product or service (in this case).

The memory: this concerns the memories you keep from the time spent with a specific object or person. In this particular case, you may have to buy the good/service in question more easily.

Loyalty: it is when your mind remains fixed on certain positive memories concerning a specific object/person and you do not think of other things that can make it think about it (it does not always happen).


What role do social media play in promoting nostalgic advertising campaigns?

Social media has taken an important place in advertising campaigns. Even if before, these technologies were used to develop direct marketing strategies, social media is an effective tool for brands communication today.

Companies use social media to create a privileged relationship between their brand and their customers or prospects. To do this, they must be present on the social platform chosen by the Internet user in order to create content that meets their expectations and their needs.

The use of social media can also make it possible to amplify the propagation of an advertising message in terms of visibility, in particular thanks to the interactivity they offer to Internet users. Internet users can react to the advertising message thanks to the comments or other interactions offered on the social site chosen by the advertiser.

If nostalgia can be a great way to reach to people through advertising, other emotions and feelings can be too. Indeed, humour for example is often used in advertising !


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