The changing face of product placement in advertising

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Product placement is a common advertising technique, where a product or service is featured in a commercial. It’s an important part of the advertising industry, but it has been changing significant over the last few decades. Product Placement has become more prevalent and more diverse, with mary brands and products being featured in commercials. This article will look at How Product Placement has changed over time, and what it could be like in the future.

What is the role of advertising in the implementation of a product placement?

Advertising is a very useful means of communication for any business. It makes it possible to publicize your product or service with the greatest number, and therefore to reach a wider target.

Advertising will allow you to reach people who are not interested in your offer if you hadn’t told it about it. As part of product placement, advertising also allows your brand to be associated with an event, such as an important sporting or cultural event. Why use a product placement? Product placement makes it possible to visually associate a brand with an important commercial event, so that it benefits from increased visibility and gain in notoriety. This is an effective marketing technique because it creates a positive feeling in consumers and makes them want to buy your product. Finally, product placement strengthens the loyalty of existing customers because they feel valued by their belonging to a group carrying a certain mindset.

This is a technique like the products demos, thanks to this, customers are willing to buy the product because they have seen it in action.


Product placement for donuts !

How did product placement evolve with the development of digital technologies?

With the evolution of communication technologies, product placement has taken on another dimension.

It is no longer just a question of using an object to promote the product in question, but also to ensure that the latter is integrated into the visual and sound universe in which it will appear.

Producers sometimes grant exclusive contracts which force them to place the customer’s brands in all their projects. For example, we can cite the exclusive product placement on certain films or certain television series. To succeed in your product placement in a film or a series, you have to be able to create a visual and sound universe specific to the film or the series. This new type of contract often involves great creative freedom, because producers and directors must collaborate closely to create original universes that correspond to customer values.

Producers and directors must therefore be able to work with different actors: IT developers, graphic designers, etc., so that their artistic vision can be faithfully transcribed into the final project.

The growing use of digital marketing allows companies using this type of expanding advertising strategy.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of product placement for advertisers?

Product placement is a marketing strategy which consists in using certain elements of an advertising universe, such as a character, a place or a brand, in order to incorporate them into an audiovisual production. This type of strategy allows advertisers to more easily create relationships between their brand and the universe targeted by the campaign.

Product placement can take different forms: it can simply be integrated into the history of the film or the narration, or get an advertising message through a particular scene.

The essential question posed by any advertiser who plans this type of operation is: “How will my customers recognize my brand?” In certain circumstances, the placement of product can be considered as a copyright violation. Indeed, when it is too visible or it concerns objects unrelated to original production, we then speak of a parasitic of moral law. However, as a rule, the courts rather favorably appreciate this kind of operation if it serves a good cause (awareness of social subjects) and if it contributes to valuing national cultural heritage (French cinema).


Are consumers aware of product placement in advertisements?

In a world where consumers are increasingly sensitive to product placement, it is important that advertisers clearly understand the message they want to convey. Find out how to properly use product placement in your advertising campaign.

Product placement allows consumers to easily and quickly identify the brand that appears on the poster, next to the logo or on the packaging.

Consumers can then be tempted to buy this product in particular because they already know the brand that appears there. This also increases the chances that the customer buy your product because he is convinced that he will meet his needs and expectations. For example, a person may have seen a television advertisement for sports articles, and would certainly seek this specific brand after viewing advertising because they know that they appreciate the brand and will be satisfied with the price offered.

Product placement can also increase your overall turnover if you sell your own articles through this marketing technique. Many companies have already become aware of the financial advantages linked to the placement of products in their advertisement, such as Coca-Cola with its slogan “Open Happiness” (“Open Happiness”) in 2014, proving that product placement can create an instantable notoriety For a company on the international scene.


What is the role of social media in product placement?

Product placement is a marketing technique which consists in using a product or service in order to promote a brand, a website, an event or even a service.

Product placement can take several forms: advertising on social networks, the insertion of the brand logo on YouTube and others, the use of the name and image of the brand by influential people (actor , singer etc.)… If you’ve heard of the product placement but it doesn’t speak to you more than that, here are some explanations.


What are the challenges of advertisers should face when implementing a product placement?

Product placement is a marketing strategy that allows a company to acquire visibility by appearing in a film. This advertising technique is very popular with advertisers, because it offers them the possibility of directly reaching the consumer and making themselves known to the general public.

The advertisers must face when implementing a product placement are numerous.

The first challenge is to choose the right actor to embody the brand. Indeed, it must be able to express with authority the value and qualities of the product or service put forward by the advertiser.

It is also necessary to take into account the possible constraints imposed by the director in the scenario so that the latter does not deviate too much from the customer’s expectations.

It is important that the scenes shown are realistic and representative of the property or service offered by the advertiser so that they can be broadcast on the wired and paid chains.

Product placement has been a major part of advertising for decades. But today, it is no longer just about that; it is also about ordinary people. It is the new way to make money.


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