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The Relationship Between Advertising and Public Relations is one of the Most Important from in the World of Communication. The Two Are Often Confused, but they are not the same. In fact, advertising is a form of communication that consists in promoting a product or service to consumers. Public Relations, on the other hand, are a form of communication that consists in promoting an organization or a company to its employed, customers, partners and other stakeholders.

How are advertising and public relations linked?

In many cases, advertising is an essential element for public relations.

There are examples of use of public relations to promote the image of a business and better publicize its products or services.

Public relations can be used internally, in order to motivate staff, strengthen social cohesion and improve the image of the company. Externally, public relations can be used in order to present an organization to the media or to the general public; They can also be used to improve the brand image of a business. They can be used to create a positive image around the name and logo of a company and thus strengthen its notoriety on the market.

Public relations must allow a company: to develop its activity through direct marketing (advertising); To amplify its visibility by increasing media coverage (press relations); To establish its credibility by effective work on its institutional image (exhibition) and by targeted communication (corporate communication).


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What are the advantages for companies to use advertising and public relations?

Public relations are a type of communication that aims to influence, generally positively, the opinions, behaviors or decisions of a given audience.

Public relations can be used to increase the notoriety of an organization or a product. They can also allow organizations to better know their customers and stakeholders, which is particularly important when it comes to service industries such as banks and insurance.

Companies can use different types of communication in order to influence public behavior: traditional advertising (display, radio, newspapers); Off-media advertising; Institutional communication (official publications).


What are the challenges that advertising and public relations professionals face?

The challenges of advertising and public relations are numerous. Today, companies have to deal with increased competition from entities not linked to the sectors they operate. They also have to face the emergence of new players, such as social networks and Internet.

Communication and public relations professions are becoming more complex, because it is necessary to take into account a large number of stakeholders with different points of view on what constitutes a good communication strategy or a good message. In addition, the current economic context is marked by significant market fluctuations. In addition, work is often done in an emergency and it is sometimes difficult for advertising and public relations professionals to quickly obtain a return on investment.

There is also strong pressure for these services to be profitable within companies. To succeed as advertising or public relations professional, it is therefore necessary to be able to integrate this complexity and this pressure to quickly obtain a return on investment without compromising the quality of the work carried out.


What are the main common points between advertising and public relations?

Public relations and advertising are two operations which have in common the aim of creating a link between a brand, a business or an organization and the people external to it.

The main common points between advertising and public relations are: the implementation of a marketing strategy, within the framework of public relations as in advertising. This strategy results in the definition of an objective, a positioning, the message to be transmitted as well as the target.

The identification of consumer needs is also at the center of concerns of marketing and RP managers.

The determination of the budget allocated for each campaign is important for public relations as well as for advertising. Indeed, this makes it possible to determine what will be the means put in works (television advertisements or display) or what will be the budget allocated to actions carried out on the Internet or on social networks.

The choice of communication channel is fundamental to promoting its product or service to potential consumers.

Adopting a multichannel approach allows you to reach a greater number of potential customers thanks to different channels so that they can be made aware of the message conveyed by the company.

The main characteristics that make public relations an essential tool are: – a reasonable cost compared to the other means used; – the possibility of having a direct impact on the consumer; – a quick return on investment; – Punctual action (campaign) and not continuous (recurrent advertisements).


How can advertising and public relations work together to achieve common commercial objectives?

Advertising and public relations are tools that promote a product or service with a target group. These two activities can be combined to achieve common objectives, such as the construction of the brand’s notoriety, the increase in sales, the development of sympathy capital, etc.

Advertising and public relations are tools that allow an organization to achieve certain common goals: promote your brand or product to draw attention to it. Increase the sympathy capital (the popularity coast) of its brand or its product in order to make it a positive reference for potential consumers. Build a favorable image to the targeted audience in order to increase the confidence capital (the confidence that the public gives to your organization). Demonstrate the economic interest (the benefits that a company will draw from the project) in order to bring them to participate in the project.


What are the current trends in advertising and public relations?

Advertising and public relations are an integral part of daily life.

The means of communication are always more numerous, but they do not all promote interaction.

Advertising and public relations aim to influence consumer behavior towards a product or a company.

Advertising aims to promote a brand or a product in order to increase its notoriety, and sometimes even its turnover.

The main objective of public relations are to establish a dialogue between the company and its various stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.).

The advertising universe is very wide: it includes everything that is direct marketing (direct marketing), relationship marketing (one to one marketing) or even street marketing. To succeed as a announcer, it is therefore necessary to be able to master this complete universe.

You should know that the supports used are very numerous: classic display, written press, TV-Radio-Cinéma-Internet.

The objective is always the same: to make themselves known and above all to convince the consumer that our product/service is better than that of the competitor.

We cannot dissociate the advertising of communication. Advertising is a form of communication, but it is also a tool for public relations. Public relations are ensuring a positive presence outside and using all means to promote this positive presence.


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