The rise of native advertising

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Native advertising is a form of advertising that has been around for a while, but has recently become more prevalent. It is a type of ad that is creative specificly to fit the content of a website or blog. This article will explain how native advertising works, and why it is becoming more popular.


What is the principle of native advertising?

Native Advertising is a new form of advertising which consists in integrating advertising messages in editorial content. This technique, uses the format of editorial content and allows advertisers to target their audience, while remaining in a natural approach for Internet users. Indeed, the objective is that advertising is perceived as quality content and not as an intrusion.

The term “native advertising” was invented by Chris Anderson, editor -in -chief of Wired magazine. The latter considers that this new method can be an effective way for brands to get closer to readers and therefore generate more traffic on their website. Why opt for this solution? Native advertising can be an effective way to bring Internet users to visit your website or blog.

This is a more natural and less intrusive way than conventional advertising (on web pages).


What are the advantages of native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of advertising that can be considered to be more effective and more suited to consumer needs. This form of advertising makes it possible to reach consumers directly.

Advertisers notably use social media, television or the Internet to reach their target.

Native advertising has the distinction of being easily identifiable in relation to traditional advertising, because it is not distinguished by its external form.

The native advertising is not intrusive, because it is often a textual or visual content that appears on a website without the user having clicked on it. It therefore does not offer a disturbing aggressive commercial message.

It is possible to create a certain proximity between the advertiser and the consumer thanks to this form of innovative communication.

Native advertising also allows advertisers to offer exclusive offers that will be difficult to find elsewhere, because they are personalized according to the behavior of Internet users or subscribers to social networks for example.


Native advertising on a website

Native advertising on a website

What is the impact of native advertising on users?

Native advertising is a form of advertising that integrates into the user environment. This approach is very popular in France and the United States, because it allows companies to better target their audience and their potential customers.

The native advertising offers us the possibility of advertising with users who are not yet interested in our products or services. These users can be occasional users or people who only pass on our website for example.


What types of businesses can benefit from native advertising?

Companies can benefit from native advertising in different cases. For this, they must meet certain criteria and meet specific conditions.

Companies that correspond to the following criteria can benefit from native advertising: companies that have a strong presence on search engines or on social networks are considered to have a strong online presence.

The services that these companies offer are often requested by the public. These companies can therefore benefit from native advertising to more easily attract potential customers.

The company must have an attractive, credible and reliable website, with relevant and informative content for its target audience. It must also be active on search engines and social networks to promote its brand; It must offer fast and efficient service to potential customers; She must have a good return on investment (king); It must have a solid customer base (it is recommended to have several years of experience).

When all these criteria are met, native advertising can be an interesting solution for the company in order to bring traffic to its website via advertising formats adapted to mobile navigation of users.


What are the challenges to be taken to succeed in a native advertising campaign?

Native advertising t allows consumers directly through advertising formats that are integrated into the content they consult, without altering navigation on the site.

Native advertising can be an effective solution to attract the attention of potential customers, while maintaining a level of relevance and quality compared to other traditional advertising media. A study carried out by Forrester Consulting indicates that 40% of web traffic now comes from non -commercial sources (social networks, blogs, user comments, etc.).

Native advertising is therefore a privileged way to reach potential customers through these channels naturally broadcasting a message adapted to the customer profile. However, the success of an advertising native campaign is based on several factors: the search for partnerships between publishers and innovative advertisers to create original or unpublished advertising formats; The definition of specific objectives before and after the dissemination of a native Advertising campaign; The relevant choice of ad hoc digital platforms to ensure dissemination; Adaptation of the message to local specificities in order to strengthen the impact with local consumers.


What is the future of native advertising?

One of the biggest challenges today is to make a place in the saturated world of traditional advertising.

The boom in mobile marketing, new channels and digital tools are all opportunities to communicate differently with consumers and thus create a privileged relationship. As a result, advertising becomes native (native advertising). It is a form of communication that emerges within digital media like Facebook or Twitter.

Native Advertising is to integrate an advertising message directly into the content you want to share.

It is therefore a form of communication based on content rather than the product or service in question.

Advertisers then invest in different formats in order to be more effective: banners, videos, sponsored articles … The native advertising can be compared to the infomercial by its humorous side and its ability to tell a convincing story.

Native advertising is a form of advertising that uses native content and native formats to reach consumers. The Term Was First Coined by the Media Company Vice, which USES Native ads on its website and social media pages to connect with its readership.

Another great strategy for effective advertising, is to take into account customer’s feedback !


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