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A stag party is a special moment that must be prepared with the greatest care to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your friends.

That’s why the activities you do during this unique evening between men should not be chosen at random. You must especially take into account your personality and tastes as well as those of your guests. Here are 4 ideas for activities to try out for this exceptional occasion.

Discover the kayak-raft

A kayak-raft outing, like the one offered by Aquareve, is a very original idea for an activity to try out between men during a stag party. This hybrid craft, which combines the seating position and double paddle of a traditional kayak with the inflatable aspect of a raft, promises you unforgettable thrills.
Easy to handle and fun, the kayak-raft is designed to overcome even the most technically challenging rapids.

Would you like to admire the beauty of the landscapes you come across during your outing? You can take breaks whenever you want to quietly contemplate the surrounding nature.


Paintball is typical activity to try out between mates during a stag party. It is the perfect choice to spend time among friends, to have fun and party with the future groom and show him his true colours!

All you need to do is find a suitable centre for the occasion. Don’t worry, you can rent all the necessary equipment on the spot. In general, there are even all-inclusive “Stag Party” packages.
If you want something even whackier, you can wear the famous bunny costume: a host of surprises can make your stag party a really special event. It’s up to you to choose the scenario that suits you best!

Try out a laser game

For a stag party, a laser game is a fun group activity to try during a weekend.

With a number of participants generally between 10 and 20 people, this type of game is the ideal choice for team fun. This highly original activity is quite simple: just form two teams that will compete with laser guns and a connected electronic jacket. You are now ready for no-holds-barred combat!
It really is the ideal activity for team bonding and hours of fun at an affordable price.

Billiards and pinball in a games arcade

Billiards or pinball in a games arcade are cool and appropriate activities for a memorable stag party. Although billiards is a classic for an outing among friends, pinball is sure to take you back to your teen years. The rules for both are simple and hassle free! This is what makes these moments between mates even more fun.

Some centres can even privatise a room for the future groom and his friends. You will then be able to enjoy the games in private, as well as a bar and a dining area.
To avoid winding up with nothing planned, it is best to start your research several weeks before the date chosen for the stag party. By doing so, you will be sure to have the time necessary to organise everything properly.

Whether you choose one or the other of these four activities, you will have an unforgettable time that will offer the future groom lasting memories of the last moments of his life as a bachelor.

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