Taxi and limousine: different benefits

Today, I would like to discuss about two transportation options that are often confused. The best option will be according to your needs: whether you rent a limousine to go to a fashion show in Cannes, or you are a high school student who would rather call a taxi after visiting the bars! The main difference between these two options is the quality of service and amenities.


Chauffeured cars focus on the comfort and quality of service.

The cheap, efficient taxi service on demand

Overall, taxis offer a lower level of service and amenities, compared to limousines and other chauffeured options. This is primarily due to the fact that the taxi system is designed to satisfy the needs of customers as quickly as possible to maximize profit. This is why taxis operate primarily on a demand system instead of bookings. All in all, you are paying for a service that will take you where you need to go: there are no “good” or “bad” taxis, just different ones.

The upscale and attentive limousine service

The main method of service here is through reservations, the level of professionalism and driver care, the quality of communication (regardless of the stage: booking, monitoring, or operational) and the comfort. Moreover, limousine service not only includes the material side, with the promise of a high-end or luxury car, but also the service side with a driver who is assigned and devoted to one vehicle in particular, on board you will find free newspaper, choice of music and access to satellite radio, bottle of water and other elements for the greatest comfort and security during your trip.

The limousine service focuses on quality and the taxi service focuses on speed.

If you want to visit and enter France, you need to have some regulatory documents visit some websites !

Given the information, what do you think of these chauffeured vehicle services ?


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  1. With the taxi stike that took place during the summer, I will not be using taxis anymore, that is why I prefer having a chauffeur when I come to France.