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As the season changes, so does your wardrobe, and the accessories which complement your different outfits, regardless of their individual style and look. Summer comes with its classics, ready for you to rediscover as the days get warmer.

Mocassins and open-toed shoes are back at the forefront – and if your trainers and sneakers never get a break, summer is the ideal moment to get your hands on a new pair of sandals or original flip-flops. Among the top-ranking women’s shoes not be missed this summer are pumps, sandals and flip-flops. These three types of shoe are undefeatable and come out just as we see the first glimpse of summer, regardless of the current fashion.


To complete your look, wear your pretty sandals on the beach!

Summer shoes now go together with comfort and fashion. When on their summer holidays, women like to feel good and stay on top, while retaining a touch of originality and femininity to make them stand out. Of all accessories, it is shoes which are the best way of making the most prominent features of a woman’s personality stand out.


These elegant shoes always feature, regardless of the collection or the season. Pumps embody femininity in a wide range of situations: in daily life, for an evening event or on special occasions. High heels worn with a skirt make the figure appear more slender, while the legs appear slimmer. Worn with trousers or jeans, they are a feminine take on a modern look. In summer, pumps are less bulky: open at the front, with the back secured by a strap. They are becoming available in a variety of colours, and the classic type is becoming trendy, glamorous and super chic. The unique colour is increasingly diverged from, with patterns, fine detail and pastel shades. Stilettos and traditional heels in a variety of heights are strengthened, while the shoe is always comfortable thanks to the platform at the front. There is a multitude of variations upon the traditional pump, which allows for a wide range of combinations, ensuring that there is a personal and 100% feminine touch to be applied to every outfit.


Sandals bring together comfort and the elegance of a shoe created for summer. They are able to meet all the demands of a woman’s everyday life. After being confined all winter, the first days of summer allow our feet to reclaim a little bit of their liberty. They long for sandals, and every year, the range of types on offer increases, the result of great creativity. A simple sole, whether flat or elevated, held to the foot by interlacing straps: that is the secret to the shoe which has now become synonymous with summer.

Each new collection follows the previous year’s trends, whether retro, minimalist or ethnic… while also offering up an infinite choice of new styles. The straps are available in a range of colours, or adorned with spangles, sequins, gems, jewels or decorations. Comfortable and practical, sandals draw attention to the ankles and well-groomed and sun-kissed feet. They can be worn wherever and whenever: on the beach with a swimming costume, under a light summer dress when on a walk or alongside elegant eveningwear. The summer shoe hasn’t aged and appears in each and every new collection. The wide range of types and designs make them the preferred shoe of each summer season.


And don’t forget to pack your pair of flip-flops


The queens of the beach couldn’t not appear in our list of top women’s shoes for the summer. They’re easy to fit in your suitcase – something which hasn’t changed over the years. With their rubber sole held to the toe by a simple strap, the flip-flop has won over holidaymakers the world over. Convenient and practical for a visit to the beach, even bare feet have a place in spring/summer collections.

Flip-flops are irreplaceable and designers are applying all their creativity and talent to developing more innovative and more durable products which follow fashion and conform to current trends. In this way, flip-flops have long surpassed their original function as a simple shoe for the beach. Suitable for the needs of everyday life, they are never out of place, regardless of location or the time of day. They are also offered in a sports version: refined, elegant and, most notably, enhancing a body part which is hidden for the majority of the year. They are offered in all sorts of colours and styles. Offered with all sorts of decoration and jewels, they are growing similar to sandals: a simple accessory which brings out the personality of anybody who wears them.

Are you looking for a pair of shoes with leather soles but don’t know how to identify them? In this case, refer to the footwear label.

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Generally, everyone has a personal interest in shoes; true clothing accessories available in countless styles, for every occasion. Just like every year, the spring-summer collection is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to frantic shopping, in search of new styles to show off your feet. Attractive window displays present colours and styles that are reinvented every season. To everyone’s delight, Internet shoe boutiques are full of fashionable, quality products, with the added bonus of home delivery.

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