The Use of Machine and Deep Learning to Make Predictions

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The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been a fascination for humankind for as long as we could make a connection with machines and interact with them. It comes as no surprise that in our current era of information and technological advancement, we are even more driven to use technology to our advantage and make it work for us. Artificial Intelligence has become synonymous with efficiency, accuracy and convenience – three attributes we treasure all too much as human beings!

 What is Machine and Deep Learning?

artificial intelligence deep learning big data

The digital transformation

Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence that permits software applications to predict data outcomes without employing an active and heavy programming regime. In other words; without precise/explicit programming. What it means is that algorithms/formulas are used to collect input data and with the use of statistical analysis (sampling representing a particular aspect measured), output values are predicted as accurately as possible, and within specified input-output ranges.

Deep learning is a component of machine learning and artificial intelligence that uses unsupervised algorithms (less need for constant and heavy human supervision to process data) to predict outcomes. In essence, deep learning emulates human learning behavior and uses that process to store a database of knowledge.

How can Machine Learning Improve Decision-making?

The nature of algorithms and Big Data processes works in such a way that predictions are made as accurately as possible. Decision making in the business and corporate world is a huge component of successful business strategies. Artificial Intelligence aids in creating algorithms and processes that accurately predict certain outcomes that would assist us in our day-to-day transactional responsibilities.

Deep learning aids in decision-making because, by its very nature, it is capable of processing large amounts of data faster and better. This speaks to deliverables in the professional world. If systems are able to deliver faster and better, then time is not wasted and more efficiency is observed. This in turn means people can do more work within a short time frame, aided by AI systems. In one sentence, AI helps in productivity and also creates more jobs for people. In the finance world, for instance, AI algorithms are used to process information about non-compliant transactions using the natural language processing aspect of deep learning.

With the implementation of Natural Language Processing systems, it becomes easier for deep learning algorithms to emulate human behavior and thus produce accurate information based on a given data input range. Using NLP systems means that in the professional sphere it becomes easier as an organization to interact with others, employees and clients alike.

What is AI Europe 2017?

AI Europe 2017 is a techno-packed conference and exhibition event that highlights the impact and progress made by Artificial Intelligence programming. Hosting a myriad of speaking and exhibiting products from different entities, it is an event that hallmarks the progress humans have made with technology and how usage of Artificial Intelligence makes our lives better and more efficient. The AI Europe 2017 will take place in London at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. The key concept of the event will highlight three key areas:

Digital Transformation: How to implement AI methodologies and other methods to maximize on productivity.
– Predictions Decisions:  How you can use Machine and Deep Learning to make predictions and decision-making.
– Human-Machine Interactions: How to use Artificial Intelligence natural language processes to better communicate with your customers and clients to better understand them.

The event will be jam-packed with more than 2000 attendees. This is an opportunity for people to network with different strategists from all walks of life and further gain their knowledge on Business Strategies and the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our world. More than 60 energetic and passionate speakers will grace this event and share their knowledge on AI systems and how it has transformed the way we do things in our modern day information era society.

Not only will the conference be abuzz with an eclectic mix of speakers and attendees, it will also have in attendance more than 45 sponsors and exhibitors who will showcase their AI inspired products and services.
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