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Travelling is an integral part of everyday business life, whether it is limited to the home-workplace journey or involves trips to other cities. Hiring a chauffeur-driven car is now becoming a common practice in the business world, which is understandable when you consider the advantages.

What is a VTC?

A chauffeur-driven car is a flexible solution that adapts to the specificities of your business trips. Instead of taking public transport or driving your own vehicle, you benefit from top-of-the-range services, on board a luxury vehicle.

Highly qualified chauffeurs are at your disposal on nice-cab.com, to drive you to the destinations of your choice: your workplace, a restaurant for a meeting, a train station or an airport for a business trip…

You can also count on the private chauffeur to show you the tourist areas in order to reveal the charms of the region to your clients and make them understand that you care about their well-being. The VTC offers you access to services that combine comfort and confidentiality, allowing you to spend more time managing your activities.

A service that allows you to focus on your business

Focus on the business

A VTC allows you to focus on your business during the trip which can be a time saver !

No business is easy to manage. There is always complexity, challenges, deadlines and more. In such a context, it is essential that you can concentrate on your missions without worrying about travel and the constraints it imposes on you.

The vehicles are fully equipped so that you can turn them into mobile offices. Since you don’t have to drive yourself, you make every business trip worthwhile. This not only speeds up the achievement of your objectives, but also frees up more free time.

A comfortable vehicle for meetings

Are you planning a trip with your employees? Do you have to share the same vehicle as your clients? VTC services offer you the opportunity to hold a meeting in a professional setting.

Discuss your strategies, take stock of your partnership projects or consult reports while enjoying the cold drinks at your disposal. In addition, the equipment on board includes sockets. So you can charge your devices on a business trip and stay in touch with your colleagues.

For your clients’ business trips, opt for a VTC

There are clients and partners who come from far away but who are not impressed by the distance when they feel that the collaboration can be (or is) fruitful. Give them a warm welcome by putting their well-being at the centre of your attention.

They will be grateful if you offer them a VTC (instead of public transport) for their business trips but also for visiting the region. The discretion of the driver and the comfort of the car will help to put them at ease. There’s nothing better than choosing a driver service to visit the French Riviera !

Continuous access to Wi-Fi in the vehicle

Wi-fi in a vehicle

Wi-fi in a vehicle is a great option if you need to participate at an online meeting

Internet access should be permanent, in a business world that is becoming increasingly connected. Thanks to the wi-fi available in your VTC, you will be able to easily participate in video conferences, keep up to date with the latest stock market news, check your emails, check the progress of tasks via a collaborative platform…

You can continue to manage your business. You can continue to manage your business activity, and you will gain in speed in the management of your missions and your teams, which will automatically benefit the overall productivity of the company.

Large vehicles that can carry any business tool

The VTCs are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from standard sedans to luxury vans. This diversity is designed to give you access to a transport solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

The most spacious vehicles offer up to 7 generous seats. So, there is no risk of passengers feeling cramped. Plus, there’s plenty of room for equipment such as product samples and display stands. Simply specify your requirements and a suitable car will be offered.

Professional and bilingual drivers at your disposal

VTC drivers are selected with the utmost rigour. Indeed, it is not enough to be an excellent driver and to know a region like the back of your hand. These professionals are also evaluated on their punctuality, their discretion, their ability to anticipate needs and adapt to possible changes in schedule…

They will take you where you want to go, when you want to go, but without their presence being noticed. Perfectly bilingual, they will be able to advise and inform you throughout your journey, if you wish.

Thanks to the VTC, you will no longer arrive late!

Going home because you forgot the car keys, waiting for a late metro, looking for a taxi without finding one, struggling with parking… Many situations can affect your activities.

Thanks to the VTC, you no longer need to stress about timing, traffic and parking. Take advantage of the journey to breathe a little or to get on with your tasks, the driver will take you to the address indicated in accordance with the timetable.


Opting for a VTC in a professional context is synonymous with speed, serenity and efficiency. It is a prestigious but perfectly flexible option, which allows you to remain in control of your budget while enhancing your company’s image.

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