What is the smart energy?

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Smart energy is the technology for actively managing and monitoring energy consumption at the consumer level.

A simple definition of smart energy

Smart energy increases the efficiency of home appliances and devices. Smart energy, therefore, helps consumers cut down their energy bills, limits energy waste and increases efficiency.

This theme is therefore concerned building automation control and reliability such as implementing lighting and energy control systems for businesses, home and other buildings. Smart energy is one of the major themes of the Connected + Conference to be held in Canada for smart home and IoT.


Solar energy.

What are the uses for smart energy?

Smart energy has several uses in both homes and businesses. Smart energy can be applied in lighting systems at homes and businesses. This reduces the amount of energy used in these places. Smart energy is also applied in solar systems to substitute electric energy. Smart energy can also be used in home appliances such as electric kettles and iron box. Smart energy reduces the amount of energy used by these appliances hence increased efficiency and lower electricity bills for consumers.

As part of the smart energy, solar energy can be used to substitute the electric energy used for water heaters and warm showers. Smart energy is also used in kitchens through smart designs for creating additional space. For instance, consumers can use space saving appliances such as dishwashers, not compromising function.

Smart energy, therefore, reduces consumer power bills both at home and businesses. Consumers and different businesses are therefore advised to attend the Connected + Conference to network with different bright and professional personnel who will deliver to them helpful information on reducing power consumption and increasing efficiency in their homes and businesses.

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