Why invest in a flat or apartment on the Côte d’Azur?

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Of the various French regions famous throughout the world, some are relatively easy to cite. However, the one that gets mentioned over and over again repeatedly is the PACA region, or Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.
villa french riviera

One of France’s most desirable regions

This entire stretch of Mediterranean coast has been popular for decades, both for its climate and for the easy relaxed lifestyle it offers. Numerous towns and cities have developed in this part of France, with Nice and Cannes being the first one thinks of in this respect.

But in addition to the large cities, there are also many smaller towns and villages that have managed to attract well-off property owners, who, as time has gone by, have had second homes or pieds-à-terre built, creating the kinds of properties any self-respecting estate agent dreams of.

It’s in fact here that the most extraordinary concentration of villas, designer houses and luxury residences (though not châteaux) anywhere in France is to be found. Nowhere else in the country can compares in this respect. This has given the entire region the kind of prestige and status that attracts people from far and wide. But that’s not all there is to the French Riviera: it’s also about the Provençal way of life, as found, so delightfully, in the region’s many coastal towns and villages.

Owning a pied-à-terre on the French Riviera

Investing in the PACA region is a fantastic luxury to be able to offer yourself. The reasons for this are many, primary amongst them clearly being the idea of having your own pied-à-terre in the region. Incidentally, the PACA region has now been made particularly accessible by the development of various types of infrastructure. With the TGV service to Nice, the airports of both Cannes-Mandelieu and Nice, and the motorway along the coast, the French Riviera is now just an hour from Paris, depending on the mode of transport used.

It’s the ideal place to go for the weekend or to enjoy a few days in the sun, far from the gloomy greyness of the rest of the country. Having your own pied-à-terre means you can enjoy it whenever you like, depending on your availability and the presence of the sun of course.

No hotels to book, no need to plan ahead. And above all, with your own flat or house in the region you get to spend time living and enjoying the Provençale way of life whenever you visit. Dining out on the patio at your own place under the southern sun, accompanied by the sound of crickets, is an alluring idea when faced, for example, with the monotony of grey and gloomy London skies.

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Making a profit when it’s time to sell

In financial terms, investing in property in the South of France is not a particularly risky venture. It’s true to say, of course, that prices can vary due to a number of factors, and some areas of the French Riviera are similar to Paris in terms of price per m².

Investing in the PACA region, however, always represents a good opportunity due to the fact that the area is attractive to both the French population and other Europeans, which ensures that market prices remain stable. It’s also the region of France where demand for luxury property is the highest, unsurprisingly.

So you’ll already know, at the point of exchanging contracts, that you’ll stand to make a profit when it comes to selling again, whether that’s some time over the next few years or as part of planning for your retirement. It’s reassuring to know that you’re investing in a region which won’t have any unpleasant surprises in store for you with respect to property values.

Seek the advice of an estate agent

Though the French Riviera is a safe bet in investment terms, you do need to go about the process in the right way. This is especially true in view of that fact that the costs involved in purchasing property in such a popular region can quickly begin to mount up.

An essential piece of advice, therefore, is to get the help and assistance of a well-established estate agent in the region. They’ll also be able to help you find the kind of property you’re looking for. The need to balance your preferences and requirements with market availability, especially in the pressurised market of the South of France, makes searching a complicated process.

Though there are more luxury properties here than elsewhere, and many many villas, they never stay available for long when placed on the market. You therefore need to react quickly.


This is especially true in the case of investment properties, as this is a market many people are looking to get into. You therefore won’t be able to survive in the PACA region luxury property market on your own, and having an estate agent like Haussmann International by your side will be a great asset in this respect.

It’s definitely possible to invest in the South of France. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for investment purposes, there’s no shortage of properties and property projects to consider. But similarly, there’s also no shortage of people looking to get into the market. The help of an estate agent is therefore invaluable.

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