The benefits and drawbacks of celebrity endorsements in advertising

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Celebrity Endorsments are a popular way to market a product or service. Celebrities can be used as spokespeople for a company or brand, and their popularity can help the product. However, they can also be a drawback if the celebrity is not trusted by the public. This article looks at the benefits and drawbacks of celebrity endorsing in advertising.

What are the advantages of the use of celebrities for the promotion of products?

Advertising through celebrities is a means of increasing the visibility and attractiveness of a product. Indeed, consumers are very sensitive to the fact that a known personality has a product or service. In this case, they will be more inclined to buy it and talk about it around them.

When an individual is associated with a celebrity, he feels closer to the brand.

Celebrities can also be used to develop relationships with consumers and recruit new customers. However, this type of promotion should not be considered as a guarantee of the commercial success of the product because each company has its own personality, its history and its values ​​which creates a unique relationship with its potential customers.

It is therefore important that any advertising campaign uses appropriate celebrities to ensure the success of the marketing message.


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What are the disadvantages of the use of celebrities in advertising?

For companies, advertising is an effective way to ensure the success of a product or service.

Celebrities can also serve as a lever for a marketing campaign and thus increase the attention paid by consumers to advertising messages. However, the use of celebrities to advertise also has some drawbacks.

The use of celebrities can be expensive and not always give rise to positive benefits.

The notoriety of celebrities is not guaranteeing the commercial success of the product or service they represent. Indeed, these are often people whose notoriety is already well installed who use their image for the benefit of a brand or a company in order to communicate on a product or service that does not necessarily correspond to them. Furthermore, when one calls on a public figure for a marketing campaign, we must in principle respect his private life and his freedom of expression by imposing any commercial constraints to him. Thus, it can happen that certain personalities purely and simply refuse to use their image for a communication campaign without being able to remedy it other than by the financial remuneration proposed by advertisers.


How can the celebrities chosen for promotion influence consumers?

Celebrities have become important sources of influence, in particular thanks to the development of social media.

Stars are used to expressing themselves on various and varied subjects. This allows them to have a direct influence on consumers because they may have to take a stand on these subjects.

It is interesting to note that the stars chosen for promotion are able to influence certain consumers.

When the public figure has a positive opinion on a product or service, it can encourage people to buy it. Several factors can explain this phenomenon: the fact that they are very well known and that they have a certain renown which gives them a certain credibility; Personal interest in the product or service; A special relationship between the artist and his audience (such as a fan exchange); The possibility for the star to present herself as product / service spokesperson; Effective public relations made by the company itself; A strong message sent to potential customers: “We can trust this product”; The possibility that the star makes recommendations following her participation in a marketing campaign; The fact that a star goes so far as to promote a product or service without it being necessarily good for it, in order to increase its positive image with the public.


What are the advantages and disadvantages for celebrities that engage in advertising campaigns?

When a celebrity engages in an advertising campaign, it can have an effect on his private and professional life.

You should know that the celebrities who engage in advertising campaigns do so knowing that. They know completely that what they will do will be scrutinized by the press and the media. Thus, when you choose to call on a public personality for your advertising campaign, it is important not to be distracted by considerations related to control of your image or the risks of too large exposure.

It is also important to know that there are certain limits as to what can be said or shown when working with a star. This type of collaboration often involves a partnership between the company and the fame concerned, which means that you can in principle benefit from the positive image associated with the name and activities of a public figure (think in particular of Hollywood films) for Promote your brand or product. However, there are certain things to keep in mind: you don’t need to have a celebrity to benefit from the advantages of an advertising campaign. In addition, you will always have to pay for this operation, since the services offered by celebrity go far beyond the simple advertising product placement. Finally, if your product or competition competition offered by the star concerned then it will be less inclined to collaborate with you.


To what extent do the values ​​and behavior of celebrities affect the public?

Celebrities are an effective way for brands to convey their message.

People who follow celebrities are influenced by their actions, messages and behaviors.

Consumers make purchase decisions based on the advertising messages they receive in the written press, on television or on the Internet.

Public figures can have a direct influence on the perception of consumers of certain companies and certain products.

They have a persuasion power that can be used to get advertising messages to the general public, and more particularly among young adults. However, it is important to keep in mind that this power should not be overestimated, because celebrities do not always have the expected effect on the consumer. To what extent do the values ​​and behavior of celebrities affect the public? We can distinguish three types of influence: intentional influence: belief is induced by a clear and precise message sent directly to consumers in order to stimulate a specific action (example: awareness campaign against obesity).


What are the means by which companies can ensure that the advertising campaign with celebrities is effective?

To succeed in an advertising campaign with celebrities, it is necessary to use effective means and to choose celebrities.

The campaign must also be well organized in order to guarantee its success. To succeed in an advertising campaign with celebrities, it is important to focus on the public targeted by the campaign and to ensure that it will be sensitive to it.

It is then necessary to make sure that the person who will play the main role in the campaign has the desired image for the product or service offered.

The campaign must be carried out in accordance with the image wanted by the company, because it can be considered as a rejection if it does not correspond to the idea that people of the stars make themselves appear to the screen. Another essential condition for a successful advertising campaign with celebrities is to take into account your marketing budget and your commercial objectives. If you want to use an American football star to promote your business, your marketing budget will be very limited and you will therefore have to focus on more people who are less known to the general public in order to reach a wider audience. Finally, you have to know how to create partnerships with recognized actors in the field concerning which you want to communicate. These partnerships can increase the credibility of the message transmitted by your business and allow potential customers to better understand what it is exactly.

What is important is to choose a partner or a partner with whom you will have affinities. If you can’t find the ideal person, you can always use a professional.


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