The history of advertising and the rise of the Mad Men era

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The History of Advertising and the Rise of the Mad Men Era. The History of Advertising is a fascinating topic, but it is not always easy to explain how it has changed over time. In this article, we will take a look at the evolution of advertising from its early days to the present day.

What influence did the era of Mad Men have on the history of advertising?

The era of Mad Men had a considerable influence on the history of advertising.

This is the period in which brands began to use the phone to communicate with their customers and prospects, which made it possible to innovate in terms of creative approach.

Television advertising, in particular, has gone from the status of a promotion tool to that of a real strategic tool. However, this innovative era was not marked by a standardization of messages. On the contrary, there was a great diversity of the campaigns carried out by different brands.

The reason ? Advertisers began to implement more sophisticated strategies in order to reach a wider and targeted audience.

The establishment of multi-channel campaigns was also a very important phenomenon during this period. Indeed, advertisers were no longer limited to television support to communicate with their potential customers and sought to reach a maximum of people thanks to different channels (radio, magazines, etc.).

When we look at the history of advertising for several decades you notice that it is marked by a certain instability: trends often change quickly over time and can disappear almost instantly. Thus we note that each decade sees its own form of communication appear which will gradually replace existing antichronological practices (radio advertising or paper posters for example).


Make it simple but significant. Don Draper. Mad Men quotes. Quote. Quotes.

Make it simple but significant. Don Draper. Mad Men quotes. Quote. Quotes.

What are the main factors that led to the rise of the mad men era ?

The Mad Men are men of the X generation (baby boomers) who are between 40 and 60 years old.

They are also called “the founding fathers” because they were at the origin of the great American revolution. They are men who do not hesitate to be daring and originality to realize their dreams.

Their main objective is to work hard to achieve success.

They show great perseverance, but never be discouraged in the face of the obstacles they encounter on their way. In addition, the Mad Men are individuals who seek a meaning in their lives and aspire to a more satisfactory existence than that which they have known so far or that they will know later. In addition, this type of man is able to reconcile his professional life and his personal life, unlike younger men who often prefer to favor one or the other of these activities without taking them into account (family, leisure …). This aspect is an integral part of the personality of Mad Men.

The main factors having led to the success of Mad Men: the ruthless universe of the world of work The economic crisis The spirit of undertaking the opportunities linked to the Internet the fact that Mad Men can have easily access to information thanks to the web the crisis Housing the fact that single -parent families are very common a society more favorable to women when you are young, you expect a lot from you …



What were the main means of disseminating advertisements during this time?

The means of dissemination of advertisements during antiquity were numerous and varied.

The main form of advertising at that time was advertising on monuments, which consists of an inscription engraved on walls or public monuments. It is also an effective means of communication to publicize your name and activity.

Posters are also a good way to make yourself known by the public. They can be affixed to the doors of stores, on the shop windows or in the streets.

The other great means of disseminating advertisements at that time was propaganda, which consists in sending messages by traveler or postal mail.


What are the main changes made by the mad men era to advertising?

During the launch of the Mad Men series, the creative advertising had to face radical changes. These changes occurred mainly due to the arrival of the Internet and new digital technologies.

The Mad Men era marked the start of the social media boom, which gave birth to Web 2. 0 and the streaming video.

The advent of web 2. 0 also allowed consumers to express themselves on social networks and to share their opinions, which has profoundly changed the way advertisers communicated with their target. This has also resulted in an increase in the cost of advertising campaigns thanks to the increased use of digital and social channels to promote the products and services sold by brands.


What is advertising before the mad men era and how did she adapt?

Creatives have always been called upon to work in difficult conditions.

The era of advertising before the era of Mad Men has not changed this reality.

The strategists and decision -makers who appear in agencies are often faced with a situation that they cannot really understand at the time.

They must be creative to produce a message that will ultimately be accepted by consumers.

The task is not easy, because you should know that advertising is above all an art, rather than an exact science.

You must therefore be able to offer a unique and original vision of the world in order to be able to arouse public interest and finally convince it to buy or go to a specific website. It also takes a lot of time, because you have to find original ideas that will react the target audience: “How to attract your attention?” »; “What message will he remember?” »; “What story will we tell?” »; “What will he need to take action?” »; “How will I present my offer to him?” The role of the agency chief is important because he must know how to assess the talents he has to allow creatives to set up effective campaigns.

He must also be able to direct human resources (graphic designers, illustrators, web designers) so that everyone can deliver satisfactory customer work.


What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the mad men era?

With the advent of technology, companies are able to offer increasingly innovative products and services.

The era of Mad Men requires a certain adaptation to be able to remain competitive.

Internet research, social networks and email marketing gradually replace traditional paper advertisements.

Consumers now have the possibility of obtaining information on a product or a service even before its manufacturer is aware of its marketing. This reality is very interesting for advertisers who can make themselves known to a potential clientele much faster than before. However, this situation can cause confusion within the general public, because it becomes difficult to distinguish what is true and what is pure fiction or unscrupulous marketing.

The disadvantages of the era of Mad Men? The main problem associated with the era of Mad Men is undoubtedly the phenomenon of “false”, as mentioned above. This type of marketing stratagem can cause considerable harm to the brands associated with it, because they may tarnish their public image and even harm their sales.

There is also another form of scam: fraud by cell phone (FTC).

The Advertising Industry has been surrounded for thousands of years. In the Time of the Pharaohs, the word advertising was used to sell goods and services to people. It has become a big business in the United States since the early 1900s, when it’s been used to market cigarettes and alcohol. It is a way to promote products and services that have not yet been created or invented by people who are already selling them. The Main Goal of Advertising is to make Consumers Buy Something they do not need, but want so much that they will pay for it without the thing about what it would cost they have they had not bught it yet.

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