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The Power of Human Connection in Successful advertising is a powerful Tool that can help you to achieve your goals. It is a way to connect with people who are interested in the same thing as you are. The more connections you make, the more opportunities you will have to find new customers and generate Sales. This article will show you How to use this powerful tool to your advantage.

What is the power of human connection in a successful advertisement?

To succeed in advertising, you should know that human connection is a decisive element. You must wonder why this individual will buy your product or even just look at your advertising. This means to understand the potential consumer, in order to know what type of individual he represents and above all what his needs are.

It is therefore necessary to identify the values ​​of the potential consumer, in order to be able to sell him his product and make sure that he wants to buy.


a happy customer

It is important to have relationship with the customer in order to understand its needs

To what extent can content marketing strengthen human connection in advertising?

Content marketing is a strategy which consists in creating targeted, relevant and quality content for Internet users. It is an effective way to stand out from other brands and acquire a faithful audience, while attracting the attention of prospects.

Their needs are not always sought after by traditional advertisers, which can cause a sense of discomfort in them. By using content marketing to strengthen human connection with its customers, we prove to consumers that we are ready to listen to their opinion and that they have access to a quality service. In addition to offering targeted and relevant content, content marketing allows brands to differentiate themselves easily thanks to their own style of expression (creativity).

It offers companies the opportunity to increase the number of conversions and optimize sales without having recourse at the high cost of traditional advertising campaigns.

The relationship with its customers thus becomes more personal thanks to the content produced by the brand itself or by third parties (influencers).


What is the role of social media in the creation of a human connection in advertising?

Social media has become an essential tool for marketing specialists.

They increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and to create a human connection with the target.

Social networks facilitate information sharing and give access to a wider audience than ever.

The scope of social media is such that we can now reach our customers far beyond our traditional catchment area.

When they need a product or service, consumers often learn on the Internet before buying. However, keep in mind that direct sale is not the only option to reach the target.

It is possible to communicate differently through various channels, in particular through social media, or even by email or by SMS.

There are also different types of media that can be used: website (portal), blog (webzine), forum (community) and professional social network (marketing professionals).


How can advertisers use human connection to improve their advertising performance?

Advertisers can use human connection to improve their advertising performance.

However, they must invest in communication and marketing strategies that promote connection, commitment and sharing between people in order to strengthen their relationship with consumers. For example, an advertiser can consider a campaign that will highlight a product or service that one customer wishes to offer another person. Such a campaign could be implemented via a mobile application, by SMS or by e-mail, so that each person can share this information with their contacts. An advertiser can also establish links with his customers as part of a promotional activity which consists in winning free products to the participants of the competition.

When a customer wins a prize, he is invited to share his experience on Facebook or by sending an email to his family and friends.

It is possible to use many marketing strategies to promote connection and commitment between people, such as: bringing customers to the development of the product by contacting them regularly to know what they think of the product; Organize competitions; Set up loyalty programs; Establish links between staff members; Create a virtual community; Use of keywords as “like” (love); Social features on the Internet facilitate the creation of a deeper relationship between the advertiser and the consumer thanks to the development of proximity and social interaction.


What is the difference between advertising that uses human connection and the one that does not use it?

Advertising that uses human connection is called connection because it is based on the interaction between consumers and brands.

Advertising with a human connection creates a special relationship between the consumer and the brand, showing empathy towards the customer.

The brands that use this technique establish a link of trust with customers, which can lead to faster sales and higher response rates for marketing campaigns. In simple terms, advertising with a human connection is based on a fundamental value: empathy.

This is an important value for marketing these days because it allows brands to create lasting relationships with potential customers.

Advertising that is not based on human connection is called non-connections. It is not based on empathy, but rather on manipulation or consumer control (for example by distributing flyers in their handbag).

Studies indicate that this form of advertising leads to less sales for the products concerned and that conversion rates are lower compared to traditional marketing.


What are the most effective tools to create a human connection in an advertisement?

The purpose of all advertising is to draw the attention of consumers. However, the power of advertising depends on several factors: what are these factors? The first factor is the message, which must be unique and well developed. Then, this message must be catchy for consumers and is perceived as an advantage over competition.

The creation of an emotional link with consumers can also be a formidable weapon to increase the perceived value of the product or service. To arouse a feeling of belonging to the potential customer, it is necessary to create a human connection in advertising.

It is not only a question of talking to his potential client, but also of addressing him as if we were in direct interaction with him via a non -verbal channel (for example, by visually contacting).

The tools used to create a human connection vary depending on the context and marketing objectives. If you want to quickly create a feeling of belonging among potential customers, it would simply be enough to stage a sympathetic person on posters or on the Internet (for example: bringing a logo on a red background). However, if we want to obtain long-term sustainable results and that we want to instill in prospects positive attitudes with regard to the product or service offered by our company then we must go to the upper step and use more sophisticated techniques (such as suitable music).

Advertising is an art in itself, but you have to know it. The art of communication is very different from a classic advertising campaign. The great strength of direct marketing is the relationship that can be established between a brand and its potential or current customer.


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