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Subliminal advertising is a form of advertising that uses the subconscious mind to influence the behaviour of consumers. It is often used to promote products or services, but it can also be used to manipulate people’s emotions and beliefs. This article will look at the effects of subliminal advertising on consumers.

What are the effects of subliminal advertising on consumers?

Subliminal advertising influences consumers indirectly, but it is all the more effective when it is integrated into advertising messages. It is not a communication technique that has proven itself, but it can be very useful to convince individuals and make them accept ideas.

Subliminal advertising can be used by different types of businesses to develop their sales, improve the profitability of their business or even influence behavior.

The effects of subliminal advertising on consumers vary depending on the type of business that uses it. However, there are certain points in common to companies that use this technique. First, most people tend to ignore this type of message. Second, this type of message can be incorporated into a conventional commercial message and therefore do not attract the attention of individuals directly. Finally, unlike traditional commercial messages, subliminal advertising allows consumers to make an informed choice before the purchase of the product or service concerned without it being necessary that the message is clearly explained beforehand so that customers can enter the underlying logic of the message.

There are various types of messages that can be incorporated into a commercial message: informative messages such as promoting good digestion, coffee contributes to good blood circulation, eating 5 fruits and vegetables per day. Non-verbal messages like you can find this article with your usual merchant.


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What are the implications for companies using subliminal advertising?

Subliminal advertising is a form of advertising that is not perceived by consumers. This means that the message received by the listener cannot be understood and therefore that there is no reaction. In simple terms, subliminal advertising is a form of impression that cannot be interpreted correctly by a consumer.

Most people are aware of the fact that they don’t see everything that is happening on a computer screen or on television, but they don’t know exactly how it works.

Research shows that most people are capable of interpreting only about 5% of what they see on a daily basis.


What is the difference between subliminal advertising and classic advertising?

Subliminal advertising is a communication technique which consists in passing messages in the form of images, signs or words, through the subconscious. Indeed, it can be made through nostaligia for example, which has a great place in advertising.

Classic advertising uses speech to communicate with the conscious mind. For a message to be subliminal, it must be delivered at the unconscious level and not be perceived as information issued by the conscious.

The goal is therefore to transmit a message without the latter being interpreted as a message issued by the conscious. With this in mind, advertising takes into account the cultural and social context to select the symbols to be used.

Most people do not realize that they receive subliminal images permanently when they watch television or that they surf on the internet. Studies have revealed that some people can perceive up to 50 % of these messages on average! For example: once again, you may not realize that you receive subliminal images if they are associated with another content (music heard in a film).

When you are looking for a special image on the Internet, it may appear several times before the end of the image display process (the web page).

Your mind will tend to give more importance to the first images that appear and your attention will be drawn to them.


What is the legality of subliminal advertising?

Subliminal advertising is an advertising technique that uses messages with very low sound and/or visual intensity, but perceived by the consumer. This communication technique is in fact very widespread, because it makes it possible to influence behavior without the subject being aware of it.

Subliminal advertising can therefore be used to disseminate a message encouraging the purchase of a product, or even the practice of an activity.

There are several types of subliminal advertisements: – hidden messages: these are messages that we do not realize that they have been disseminated (example: buy this product). – Unstalled messages: These are messages that have been disseminated when the subject had not asked to receive them (example: you won 1000 euros). – repeated messages: these are messages that have been broadcast at least 10 times (example: you have earned 1000 euros. – Subliminal images: these are visual representations that we do not realize that they have been transmitted (example: posters on which a young blonde woman is distinguished). – Subliminal sound effects: it is the sound effects emitted by an object before its marketing or manufacturing. This type of advertisement has been used for a long time and is used for Testing the impact of marketing campaigns on the consumer. However, the legality of this technique remains controversial.


What are the potential risks associated with subliminal advertising?

Subliminal advertising is a means of communication that can be used by companies to promote their products. It consists in disseminating non-verbal messages (images, sounds, etc.) in order to shape a mental image in the person exposed to this type of message. In addition to being associated with a real risk, subliminal advertising can also have consequences on the health and the psychological state of the consumer.

It is important for companies to be vigilant about the use they have of the communication techniques they employ. They must respect certain rules in order to ensure good effective communication and not to harm people who are exposed to this form of advertising.

Canadian broadcasting law provides that commercial emissions will have to be limited to verbal and sound announcements for the general public.

Visual messages must not exceed 20% of the total time of a commercial or promotional program intended for the general public. Furthermore, you should know that any communication technique must be subject to rigorous control in terms of efficiency and relevance, because it will be subject to popular judgment if it harms people exposed to this form of communication or if It does not comply with acceptable social standards in terms of information and/or compliance with individual rights.


Can we use subliminal advertising to influence consumers?

Subliminal advertising is an advertising technique used by companies to communicate with consumers. We can say that this is a form of indirect advertising, because there is no need to be attentive or receptive to see it.

Subliminal advertising acts directly on the brain in order to influence consumer behavior. These techniques were invented by Alphonso Caycedo, but they were taken up and developed by his son, Francisco Varela. Indeed, after having studied the phenomenon at Harvard University, he realized that subliminal communication could influence consumer behavior without the latter being aware of it.

He therefore developed the theory of shared attention which is based on the fact that part of the brain cannot be attentive to several things at the same time (like a task). This means that at the same time that our brain processes visual or hearing information, certain information may be treated unconsciously. And more precisely: the subliminal acts directly on the unconscious by modifying the images perceived by the brain without it being consciously warned and therefore without it being able to modify them voluntarily. For example: the images perceived unconsciously can influence your attitude towards other people (for example in case of intimidation) or your food choices (this can lead to eating too fat or too sweet).

Subliminal advertising is considering to have a negative effect on consumers. However, the effects of subliminal advertising are not as bad as those of other forms of advertising. The effects of subliminal advertising can be positive.


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