The essential table accessories to adopt at home!

There are essential table accessories that you need to adopt !
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The art of the table must combine the useful and the pleasant. In this context, it is necessary to adopt accessories that are both practical and decorative in order to create a convivial atmosphere and to enjoy every meal served at home.

What is a table accessory?

There are essential table accessories that you need to adopt !

There are essential table accessories that you need to adopt !

Table accessories are all the objects that are useful for the meal and that are set up when the table is laid and removed just before dessert. When choosing these accessories, it is important to refer to the basic rules of good manners.

There are materials that are not worthy of a place on a fancy table, such as plastic glasses or wrappers, but which are tolerated during intimate meals. Decanters, finger bowls, bread baskets, condiment containers and pepper mills are among these essentials.

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The best breakfast accessories

Choose the best breakfast accessories !

Choose the best breakfast accessories !

The cutlery for the morning meal depends on your preference, but also on the type of breakfast served. You can opt for a natural presentation with wooden, bamboo or rattan utensils (bread box or basket, pastry board or tray, etc.) and combine it with a porcelain tableware set.

If you are looking for elegance, you will simply prefer glass to wooden accessories. For a beautiful table decoration, small golden spoons and a coffee pot also evoke luxury and refinement.

Choose an elegant and refined butter dish

The butter dish has its place on the table at breakfast, but also at brunch. It will look great on a beautifully decorated table if you choose it with care. Of course, there are timeless and neutral models that can easily be integrated into any convivial moment, like the transparent glass butter dish.

But if you want to be more inventive in your choice, opt for a butter dish with crystal patterns. Different shapes are available for this accessory. It can have a bell or a more sober lid.

Salt and pepper shakers: the essentials

In order to adjust the flavour of dishes, or simply to underline the attention we give to our guests, these accessories only leave the table during dessert. They are thus designed and functional, but also have a chic side.

In terms of material, glass, porcelain and stainless-steel bring refinement to the tableware. For the decorative tone, there are a variety of stoppers and finishes, such as stainless steel or copper. If you are thinking of incorporating colourful objects into your table, the porcelain salt and pepper shakers are perfect.

Cake displays: ideal for your snacks

Make sure your snacks are well presented by opting for stylish, modern or old-fashioned accessories. Between presentation towers, cake plate holders and trays of different shapes, your cake pieces, macaroons or fruity delights will be sublimated.

These displays always evoke respect for guests and above all elegance. For family celebrations, they can contain sweets to spoil young and old. In terms of materials, coloured porcelain models with patterns are popular for a bohemian chic style. But there are also those made of glass or mirror effect.

Are you a caviar lover? Get the accessories you need to enjoy it!

A luxury and precious food, caviar could be part of your menu. Tasting it requires just as much attention to detail in order to prevent the taste from being altered. This starts with the choice of the right utensils.

This gourmet menu is therefore served in special display cases with glass interiors and a variety of finishes (silver metal, brushed metal ice cube tray, etc.). Mother-of-pearl and horn cutlery are also necessary to preserve its flavour during tasting.

A sauce boat to enhance your dishes with style

Sauces enhance the flavour of your dishes. They will look even more succulent and presented in designer containers. For your interior designing, you need to create a contrast with your white tablecloths by choosing ceramic sauce boats in cheerful colours like red or green.

But white porcelain also sets an elegant tone and fits in with any table style. With or without a saucer, in a variety of shapes (mini-pitcher, with handles on a dish, ball…) and sometimes with a neat golden pattern, this tableware is indispensable for both decoration and table setting.

Cocktail picks in various styles

Vintage, modern, bohemian, classic… cocktail picks are designed with a lot of inspiration. You can impress your guests with your design cocktail picks to enhance your convivial moments. These accessories usually have pick holders, which are possible in all kinds of atypical and stylish shapes.

If you want to create a beautiful festive atmosphere, and you like colours, flashy snail picks are the way to go. In addition, you can also choose spikes to match events (Christmas, engagement celebrations…). All you have to do is ensure variety in your aperitifs.

Serving trays for convenience!

Use stylish serving trays for your meals !

Use stylish serving trays for your meals !

Whether it is for a formal self-service with a table plan or a classic family meal, serving dishes are necessary. The choice of serving dishes should be adapted to the size of your table. Avoid bulky models to enhance the presentation.

Apart from holding delicious food, you can also use them as a display for glasses. It is also advisable to opt for ceramic or stainless-steel dishes to maintain a neutral and chic style. These accessories come in a variety of shapes, with or without handles for added convenience.

Placemats that match your taste!

Decorations alone are not enough to make your table pleasant and practical. You also need protection. Tablecloths, napkins and placemats are among these essential accessories. You are entitled to choose the model you like.

Placemats are usually ornamental and complement the style of the centrepiece. Choose monochrome models to keep it simple and dare to use natural materials for a cosy atmosphere. Colourful placemats with artistic designs also add charm to your table.

Knife rests to avoid dirtying the tablecloth!

Knife rests are generally reserved for family meals and are useful for protecting the tablecloth. They prevent stubborn stains and decorate your table. There are impressive shapes and stylish finishes to enhance the presentation.

Choose an assortment that matches the napkin rings to make your style statement. Designer knife rests come in sleek geometric shapes, animal shapes and more artistic swords. The material of these accessories is also diversified to offer you a wide choice.

Aesthetic napkin rings

A napkin ring brings an aesthetical touch to your plate !

A napkin ring brings an aesthetical touch to your plate !

To keep a clean tone and to make a family table look good, these beautiful accessories are necessary. They give your table a touch of elegance, revealing your thoughtfulness and refined taste. These exceptional table jewels create a pleasant atmosphere. You can use them for special occasions, formal meals or intimate dinners.

There is a wide range of choices available so that you can illuminate and decorate your table with finesse. The most popular are the luxury gold-finish models, to be combined with beautiful white napkins.

Table decorations to enhance your meals

There are some essential details that enhance the splendour of your convivial moments. Purely decorative accessories such as figurines are the most common. Simply place them gently on the centrepiece. There are several options for the shape of these sculptures.

Adapt your choice according to the theme of the dinner. Useful objects are also effective decorations to embellish the room. You can separate the gourmet dishes by type for a mini-banquet at home and create a beautiful table plan to guide the guests.


There are a variety of table accessories to have at home for a beautiful presentation and a certain degree of refinement. Matching each dish with designer displays is part of the art of the table. Sometimes it even makes the meal more delicious to look at than to eat.

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