An abstract painting to give your living room that chic, trendy appearance


When it comes to creating a warm atmosphere and adding character to a room, there’s nothing like adding the right decorative touch, or more specifically, the right piece of artwork. In order to go about this in the right way, I decided to take a close look in particular at the latest thing in art: abstract paintings. These kinds of pictures are very effective at adding a contemporary designer effect to various types of rooms, especially the living room. Continue Reading


Sightseeing Tours of the Riviera: Visiting the Côte d’Azur


The Côte d’Azur is one of the most splendid place to visit in France, there are so many things to visit that you don’t want to waste your time searching for the places to see. A professional sightseeing tour of Nice is the most relevant way to see most of the beautiful things in the Riviera. Tour guides can offer you a service that you won’t find elsewhere. Continue Reading


Brazilian swimsuits, stars of the summer


In this holiday period, setting off in the direction of beaches seems to be one of the best solutions for destressing and recovering your energy for the rest of the year. When we think of the beach, we think of the sun and, of course, the swimsuit. Gone is the time when fashion had little or no influence on this way of summer dressing. These days, as well as the functional features of the swimsuit, there is also a separate market offering a whole range of styles suitable for all women and adapted to all tastes and needs. These are the Brazilian swimsuits, all the rage on every beach!

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